Writer, poet, artist

In both her writing and her art, passion and adversity capture her imagination. Myths, fairytales and legends are woven throughout her work as reference, allusion, retelling, and mirror. Her heroines grow wings – are forbidden to fly – but flaunt their feathers anyway. They lose their voices to Winter but find new ways to speak; meet the Big Bad Wolf and tell his tale with sympathy.

Her heroines search for the bridge that spans a void which has on the one side fear -- and on the other side discovery.

Print Collections

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Available in print.

A collection of poems and stories inspired and informed by storm: from the eye of the hurricane to the heart of the blizzard. Whether you are a storm chaser, a rain dancer, or a cat-like windowsill-percher-deluge-watcher, this collection will bring the flower-like nectar of petrichor to the pluviophile in you.

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Available in print and on kindle.

A collection of love and lust poems that collectively 'tell the bees' of the birth, consummation and deaths of loves/lusts. A bouquet of flowers wrapped in the proverbial-saying-ribbon, "He who would gather the honey must bear the sting of the bees."


Available in print and on kindle.

"Have you ever met someone whose words had wings? I don't mean the imaginary kind that kind of make you think they can fly. I am talking about actual wings that make words soar and dive and travel to foreign lands and even make your own backyard seem like a fairyland. Her words have wings; they take you everywhere and even bring you back home with a smile and a sigh...." - Editorial Review, Larry Jaffe

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